Residential Septic Tank Repair in Orange Beach, AL

Residential Septic Services


A septic system is a carefully balanced array of components that all work together to keep wastewater out of your home and yard. And when one of these components breaks or wears out from old age, you'll quickly be able to tell. When that happens, call Anthony's/Baldwin Septic Services for residential septic tank repair in Orange Beach, AL.

We can diagnose the problem with your septic tank and perform the repairs necessary to get it working efficiently again.

What Are Some Common Septic Tank Issues?

The septic system uses a drainfield - a portion of your yard - to filter waste out of the water. The waste is caught in the soil and the water returns to the earth. But when the drainfield has been disturbed, it can't do its job properly. Flooding, oversaturation, and parking a vehicle on the drainfield are common causes of damage. If your drainfield is soggy or stinky, it has likely been damaged.

When the septic tank itself is damaged, you will find it difficult to use the plumbing in your house. In the worst case, sewage may back up from the tank into the house. A crack in the tank, caused by a tree root or weight from above, can allow dirt into the tank where it takes up valuable space. The tank may also leak waste into the surrounding soil, instead of the drainfield where it belongs.

How Can We Help?

At Anthony's/Baldwin Septic Tank Services, we can repair septic tank problems like these. We'll check all the plumbing lines and repair or replace them as needed, and we can even restore the soil in your yard if it has become unable to support the tank.

To learn more about our residential septic services in Orange Beach, AL, give us a call at (251) 946-3250.

Effluent Pump Repairs & Replacement

Lines may have exceeded life span

Soil is no longer good

Septic Tank Repairs & Replacement

Drain lines and/or field lines might have damage from being ran over